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IAQ Management:
Occupied Buildings Under Construction

Any construction or renovation activity which produces odor or dust can be considered a source of air pollutants and a potential contributor to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems. Importantly, such pollutants are often considered unacceptable and may give rise to nuisance, health problems and lost work productivity. During construction or renovation, building envelopes' are in jeopardy. HVAC equipment and performance are compromised.

Effective management of IAQ and pollutants during this period requires a comprehensive plan. A plan should address issues such as: Initial Planning, Control Measures, Assignment of Responsibilities, Communications, Ongoing Management, and Quality Control Measures. Issues which must be managed are Containing the work area, Modifying HVAC operations, Reducing emissions, Intensifying housekeeping, Rescheduling work hours or Moving occupants.

The initiation, control and management of these concerns during the construction process is a program available through EnviroAnalysis.

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IAQ Management: Occupied Buildings Under Construction

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